How does it feel when you love somebody like hell and she/he refuses to move on with you?

Love does hurt sometimes, but that is not going to deter me anyway. 😛

Answer by Vikram Jha:

When you love someone deeply, all you want is his/her happiness. Sudden feeling of tears rolling down their cheeks break you like hell and their happiness makes you happy like anything. You want to protect him/her literally from all potential threats. You do all stupid things to make him/her happy despite knowing that he/she will never ever feel the immense unconditional love you have got.

Perhaps that is something utterly stupid, but as far as you are trying to bring some positive changes in his/her life, that's perfectly OK. I have no reason to disagree that it brings some pain, but you can't be intelligent, smart-ass while loving unconditionally. If you love them like hell, don't leave them in the lurch. Once they are in control of their life and still do not have feelings for you, then it's better to move on and find someone who can love you back.
Remember one thing that if it's not unconditional, it's not love.

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