What do you think every foreigner should know about your country?

Answer by Bismoy Murasing:


Time : 3.32 AM . Fan moving . Sitting relaxed on bed . Trying to answer noone ever seen on Quora lol 😀 Okay let's get serious !


If you're not from India , it's okay if you don't know Hindi , you can still conversate with people in English unless you dont end up laughing in the middle of conversation just cause Indian accent sounds weird to you ! Most of the Indians prefer English in conversation even when they're chilling out , Reason ? It's just too many languages in this country , I bet on an average every Indian speaks 2 to 3 Indian languages . Languages of India

Okay a little change 😀 I meant most Indians can conversate in English but you can't just expect this with everyone even in cities , let's say there is this thing called "Auto Rickshaw "  for transportation , you wanna go from Delhi to Mumbai although in real life it isnt possible but just for explanation you know , then in this situation you just cant ask these drivers in fluent english , you need to switch in a very clever english so that they understand , I mean they atleast know the basic English anyway , so you go like this …"Delhi to Mumbai, how much ?" hehe 😀 yeah that will do it 😛 And by the way its really fast , though it looks funny and the colour as well , but it's kind of cool . I just wish politicians had good taste in colour , they could have painted in a much better colour than this yellow mellow ,…huh but who will tell them ! Good Lord 😀 And one last thing , always prefer meter while you travel on auto which we Indians also do cause that way you not easily cheated and don't be surprised if these drivers ask you 20 or 30 rupees extra all of a sudden whether it's in the beginning or ending of your travel.

Regions, People & Food

There are 28 states in India and in most of the states you can travel by flight .

North-Eastern part of India is a totally different part in terms of looks and food and lots of things including culture . North Eastern states are : Tripura, Nagaland , Manipur, Mizoram, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh ,Meghalaya Seven Sister States There are 7 seven states and that's why they are called Seven Sister States . 😛

People look like this :

So you can see north – eastern folks in their traditional dress as well ! We love eating Pork and we eat Bamboo shoots and dry fish .

Bamboo Shoots

I am not writing much about north-eastern region of India because it's a big thing to cover so , I am just writing the important point that you might want to know !

North-Eastern Places are unexplored and they're mainly environmental friendly !

These photos are from Arunachal Pradesh .

And now my favourite part of the story , – Shillong in Meghalaya

First of all none of these are fake photos and I'm proud to be at this part of the world , just wish sometimes Indian Government would have taken care of these assets in a much better way, but anyway never mind ! And also people in North Eastern part of India practice Hinduism , Buddhism and Christianity . Some Muslims are there because they entered India as refugees from Bangladesh in huge numbers in states like Tripura and Assam as they are pretty near to that country ! And also Indian border forces are very easy to be bribed as well ! A scary fact 😛

And this one surprise from my state :

Agartala – Tripura

yep an old palace straight right there ! But Government never cared about it and yes there were kings in Tripura .

Assam – Kaziranga National Park

Nagaland – Hornbill Festival


And there are so many beautiful places to show in this part of the world and it's peaceful actually in here, pretty much it ! I love it cause you can smell nature in these places , don't know about the cleanliness facts or statistics but I think it's kind of cool ! One more fact is that our fellow Indians call us "Chinky" or "Chinks" as we look like Chinese people or rather I say it "Asian" 🙂 Although now Government is taking some steps saying whoever will use these racist remark will be jailed lol 😀 It's the equivalent word of "nigger" used for black people .

Anyways moving on , just wanted to share some insights .

Northern part of India (Himachal Pradesh , Kashmir)

You should know one more fact that Kashmir is like freaking beautiful 🙂 As you must heard that Kashmir is called the Paradise on Earth !! you dint ? oops sorry 😛

Shimla & Dharamshala

Let's go to Goa

Okay the thing you might not know about Goa is there are many Russians living there, a beach , Sunburn festival every year and a cool holiday spot !

And one more thing I would like to let you guys know , Hinduism is a very very deep religion , I am not saying this just cause I am Hindu and all that , you just need to know that it's not a joke , it's very simple yet it's very powerful , sometimes this kind of case might also happen that you wont be who you are anymore ! I just cant explain , it's too long if I start explaining , just visit the temples but dont get over involved with the babas , sadhus and all that , so be aware of that , they hold many unknown power in them where if they apply on you , you wont even know when it got applied and lots of things , but if you want to take Hinduism like your own , then go for it , I just say (night sound nonsense to you) all these cause I see foreigners come to Haridwar , (a religious place in India) and they start dressing up like one of those Indian saints and they start giving up their life and become very much deeply involved into Religious teachings and preachings , in a way its good but then normal life is no more ! So thats the reason I sometimes feel sorry for people , its not that I am saying its wrong but just you know some things that you just cant express by saying about life . And don't try to be National Geographic Channel too much by yourself like this :

This photo is actually from the MahaKumbh Festival that takes place in that part of the country every 12 years .


You can find lots of French in this part of India .

Yeah so rich culture out there ! 🙂

There is a lady who is leading the Congress party in India right now and she is from Italy and her name is Sonia Gandhi although her real name is Edvige Antonia Albina Màino . Sonia Gandhi

Second photo was before her marriage to one of the big names in Indian politics back in early 70's (not sure of the year though) . But Indians don't like her although I respect her for the fact that she still choose to live in this country even after her husband's death and still she is here in this country ! Being a woman must be hard without her husband and may be she is not handling the politics well but she is doing really great in her life ! A sacrifice !! Noone would understand that ..

Okay turning to Bollywood , not everyone of us love Bollywood movies , I mean this generation , we sometimes get scared of going to movies thinking it will be our waste of time and money as Bollywood movies are now a days remakes mostly and not reliable and we love watching Hollywood movies very much ! I never watched Hollywood movies until I get into college , well may be I saw only 2 or 3 but once I got into college I saw every possible cool Hollywood movies and still following like a true fan .

Some more facts :

India is not a place where ladies from foreign countries can roam anywhere everywhere anytime they want , so have that in your mind . No wonder why some foreign nationalities got raped as they are so brave to roam in remote places of India where even we hesitate to go in and as a result things happen as expected and when we read news we just think what the hell that girl is doing in those places , cant she see that girls are being rapped in cities like Delhi , then you can possibly be safe wondering somewhere lonely or only with your one or two friends ?? So stop being beyond brave as noone is going to give you medal , if you are going somewhere do some research , have a proper guide , not like fake guides just cause they are cheap …..

Again a hard core truth , India was always a conservative country , still is but exposing slowly and getting aware of porn and all those bikini babe stuffs as they can never saw an Indian girl in such dress and as a result their hormones get hyper and shits happen in this country so meaning lots of things to blame whether it's society or our culture , whatever ! , so these rape things happen that doesn't mean all Indian men are rapist, the difference is even in Western countries rape is going on , but Western girls dont talk about it much and now by this I am not saying how much amount of rape is happening in the west but I am just saying rapes do happen in west as well …am i wrong ? please correct me ! And as a result if girls dont claim it people dont know it , and here even if a case like that happens , not just a girl claims as she should but Newspapers go on publishing as if its the most important news of the day ! I'm not saying it's not important and all that , but it's just too much , you know what I'm saying ? Just Over publicizing the news day after day not caring your country is getting affected cause of that or not , that's all I meant . Just wanted to put forward some fact ..

Indians are so not patriots ! The super duper true fact , Let's say any country can invade India anytime 😉 India is always weak so you need to know that and we Indians feel sorry for that .. People are not aware of these facts but they should , and stop flaunting India as a powerful nation in 2020 and next what ? They will keep on guessing about India's power like that till 3000 A.D ?

Another thing , India is not hot & humid country , answer is yes and no , the fact is there are many kinds of things you will find in India , whether its temperature or people , India is like a small world , food isnt same everywhere,  language is different , religions are alot , dressings are different , mindset is different , so just like that , for example Bangalore I feel the best city to live in , the best climate all the year round ! Not much cold , not much hot , just neutral temperature , whereas in the northern part of India , temperature really can drop beyond 0 degree celsius as well but the extreme cold is in places like Shimla and Kashmir where temperature drops till -16 or -18  degree celsius . You can check with the datas and statistics !

We think of our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as robot as we believe he doesn't have the leadership quality that a leader should have in him .

We a re very much worried about the future of our country as there are endless corrupt politicians in India right now .

Indians can never be enemy of any country . Note it down , its true !

Bollywood stars are very cheap personalities 😀 Indians will agree with me specially those who understand why I'm saying like this 😀 You give them money , they will come and dance for you whole day 😀 No self respect but thank god not all like Aamir Khan , I respect him for that ! If anyone from Hollywood comes to visit India , these Bollywood stars run after them like hungry dogs run after their food 😀 everyone comes and meet together and click a photo and someone definitely throws a party and everyone just try to impress so hard that huh ! 😀 I just can't explain in words ..I mean Hollywood is big, thats fine but the behaviour of Indian actors irritate us . I dont refrain myself from calling some actors atleast cheap and they are very famous among Indian girls , so I wont dare naming them here 😛

Okay one more thing , Thanks to Almighty that at least we can be proud of Hindi songs , they are so cool , different for sure but not bad to listen actually , movies might be shit but songs are composed so well that I have no words to praise for those composers really .

And what else actually lots of things still to discuss and I am writing for the past 3 hours thinking on and on what to add … I dont want to discuss common topics like food or dress like sari cause you know that already !

Okay so thats all , it's 6.49 AM in here and I need to sleep 😀 so Cheers , and if I offended anyone while writing this answer , I'm truly sorry and hope you had a nice time reading my answer and hope you got some better insights about some unexplored places of India .

Woke up , now 1.41 PM , Going to add little bit more ! I forgot many things , I mean how couldn't I forget , India is so big and mystery to write on really , may be I will be adding somethings next week as well who knows !

Okay so  we normally don't call a guy or girl who is even 1 or 2 years older with their names , mhm no no ! may be being a software engineer we do call by names here in Hewlett Packard but outside we always address a man as "bhaiya" or a lady as "didi" , although now urban India doesn't like it but still it's going on like that in most of the India , it's different term in southern part of India like for a man in Tamilnadu they say "Anna" and for a lady they say "Akka" , I don't know about other states , meaning it's different in different states , so India says sorry for that complications in languages hehe ! And in northern part We always use "ji" in the end of somebody's name to show respect in case they are older than us , again for example let's say a guys name is Anwar , then we will say Anwar – ji , I mean it's better than "bhaiya" sometimes 🙂 And we always touch the feet of our elders to seek blessings like this :

And also we have beautiful festivals called Holi and Diwali (Deepawali in Hindi) which are among my favourites cause they are colourful and beautiful !

Holi : Playing with colours and just having fun

Diwali : Festival of Light

Image of India during Diwali released by NASA

Se yeah pretty cool huh ? I also kind of think so !

Now again , don't say ever that poors India are just so happy , they smile even if they don't have anything and I say it's all bullshit …I see on youtube many interviews telling it's so beautiful in India bla bla bla Slumdog Millionaire shit and all that …totally utterly bullshit ….What we expect the poors to be ??  Crying all day ….mom mom I don't have money I don't have house …what they can do ! They are helpless , if I being a educated Indian , not being that poor feel helpless in India , then imagine them , our voice are never heard and who cares ! Government dont care and they never take initiatives to mend those slums and make them a better place to live in but no ! It's just all day shit goin on here in this country and you know what India is nearly a third world country , Thanks to atleast the some growth from Software or other parts that Indians are good in, else it would have been such a mess today in this country , Prime Ministers are always so old that I sometimes even feel the will fall down cause of standing for long time somewhere 😀 They can't speak and they dont have their own voice , their speech are less inspirational than mine so , how India can ever get rid of the tag "Developing Nation" ? Never ! Never Ever …you gotta know that ..They just pretend to be patriots thats all ….No big deal ! And one day Serena Williams was quoted saying "In hotels it's so beautiful ba ba ba ba ba but when you go out it's so poor , I feel bad about it " , well I am not against her , she is right , may be now you people should know it , don't expect much here that everywhere it will be clean streets like that in hotel , I mean what ? what you expect from a country that you already know it's poor ! And yet you forget by just entering into a 5 or 7 star hotel , then God knows ! Anyway I hope I'm sounding too harsh here but what do I do ? It's the frustration of all Indians , Look India got money , may be not much but enough to fix everything and yet it's not getting fixed so obviously we will be frustrated , annoyed and just feel helpless .

And yes we're good in Software Engineering ! At-least I know cause I am in this field 🙂

Oh yes one more thing , we do eat with our hands and we''re not ashamed of it , I don't understand till date what's wrong with hands ? Aren't they your body parts that you sometimes say it's not clean enough, if yes may be it's time for you to study Biology my friend ! Okay may be all those politeness or gentleman thing comes up then okay , we do eat with forks and spoons as well but not always , you know mostly with hands and if in some events if we've to eat with spoons, forks , knives nobody is complaining about it ! So I think this issue needs to be closed like forever , People in the west can't expect everything to be like them and pretend it's the best thing on the earth to do 🙂 Respect culture of other places , well I know some of you do and some of you don't . So anyway enough of it , now you know what's going on 😉 #nooffence 😛

And now the weird topic , how do you clean yourself when you go for shit ? with tissue paper ? mmm actually I don't think it's so good idea to use tissue paper the way you might be thinking wrong about Indians using hands and water …But I think ours is the cleanliest process 😀 dont you ? Please correct me in case I'm wrong as I never saw people in the west cleaning in this process , but I assume they dont use water while being in this legendary process 😉 Anyways all I meant to say is we need to respect cultural difference ! 🙂

Okay here is the fact , Indians don't have the potential to drink much , they just try to be as good as their counterparts but they just can't do that ! And they end up being drunk like the fastest ever drunk case possible 😀 Yeah again there are some exceptions but most just cant , they just try to prove their points and everytime they fail 😀 Sorry guys 😛

And also Indian women need to voice up and stand for themselves ! It has to happen but that doesn't count the fact that you turn yourself into a hard core feminist , feminists are not strong women ! They just pretend to be strong not knowing why they're strong for and forgetting the meaning of family and husband , that's not called power ladies , that's called utter nonsense ! I mean you gonna kill everyone just to show you are strong ? kill your husband ? not cooking food for your kids just cause men normally don't cook ? So for me strong is standing for yourself not forgetting certain meanings influenced by those feminists extravaganza shits …I just worry sometimes that feminists might ask one day "why men can't be pregnant , they can use latest technologies !!" Anyway not moving away from the point , I feel Indian women are weak and they stay silent , which is not really good and they need to start standing up against those things and if required go for divorce , and this one for all of us , stop thinking our parents are always right ! they are humans too , they can do wrong and say wrong …so you need to start thinking like an individual and shouldn't think twice about leaving those parents cause there are many things again I don't want to write here , but Indians listen too much to their parents ….that's the whole big deal ! and the elders enjoy it 😀

Okay so that's it , now 3.08 PM , I think I covered all the unknown facts about India , isnt it ? 🙂 I have to go to theatre right now as I have a movie date 😀 "The Wolf of Wall Street" …Can't wait to see Leo's performance in it 😀 4.30 PM it is 😀

Finishing Line ?

I'll do that with Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal

Hold on…she isnt my sister and I don't know her 😀 😀

Happy New Year wishes to you all and Have a nice day ahead ^ ^

Cheers !

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