What is the story of your life in 20 lines max?

Answer by Virali Modi:

1) I was born.
2) I was a nerd.
3) I studied modeling and makeup.
I had an opportunity to be a model for coca cola.
4) I got sick. 
5) I had cardiac and respiratory arrest.
The doctors declared me dead, they got my pulse back after 7 minutes but I was put on a ventilator.
6) The next day, I went into a coma which lasted 23 days.
7) On September 29, 2006 at exactly 3:05pm, I opened my eyes (the date and time is important because that's when I was born).
8) I went back into a coma after 10 minutes and finally fully came out of it on October 5, 2006 (coincidence or not, I don't know; my mom's original due date was October 5, 1991 but I was born a couple days early).
9) I was paralyzed neck down and was considered a quadriplegic.
10) After many years of physical therapy and support from my parents I have regained some muscle control in my legs, which mean I have full chances of a complete recovery.
11) I am now an aspiring model and have done 3 photo shoots so far.
12) I am currently doing stem cell treatment in India.
13) I'm a motivational speaker at my therapy center in India.
14) I am very confident about myself and very optimistic.
15) I travel from India to America back and forth because my dad works in America to support me and my mom in India.
16) I'm an only child.
17) I want to pursue acting in the future.
18) I've survived death many times – In what specific way/ways are you a unique person overall who stands out from the crowd?
19) My full story is here – What are some of the well known (and not so well known) medical miracles?
20) I smile a lot.

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