Did you ever create some amazing tool to make your work easy and efficient?

Answer by Mayank Agarwal:

Quora Archive – Chrome extension to archive answers and posts on Quora

Many a times I used to come across answers on Quora that would just blow me away. I don't even remember how many answers I want to revisit, but cannot because I don't remember the tags well or the search feature does not work properly.

For this very purpose, I needed an archive of Quora answers. I waited for Quora to launch an official version; tried out some third party tools; but finally settled for a custom made Chrome extension.

The best part of it is that now I have the flexibility to add whatever functionality I like or design the extension the way I want it to.

You can download the extension if you like from Chrome Webstore.
Link – Quora Archive


Archive link on the main nav bar and on hovering over an answer.

Quora Archive UI

You can also download answers offline

View Answer on Quora


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