What do you think of Rahul Gandhi’s interview with Arnab Goswami on Frankly Speaking?

Answer by Sushant Sharma:

Here are some of the gems from the completely disallusioned Rahul Gandhi's interview with Arnab:

  1. Arnab: How is Narendra Modi to be blamed for 2002 riots after SIT gave clean chit? Rahul Gandhi: We believe in empowering women.
  2. Arnab: But your party continues to blame Modi. Rahul Gandhi: The real issue is empowering women.
  3. Arnab: Should parties be under RTI? Rahul: The central question is who chooses candidates.
  4. Arnab: Why are you still protecting Ashok Chavan? Rahul: We brought RTI.
  5. Arnab: Why are bureaucrats punished, not politicians in Adarsh case. Rahul: There are 6 Bill sitting in Parliament.
  6. Arnab: Is it appropriate of Virbhadra Singh to take money… Rahul: There is a legal process. We have passed Lokpal
  7. Arnab: Why didn't you speak up on 2G, CWG, Coalgate. Rahul: I report to the Prime Minister. Whatever I felt I told the Prime Minister.
  8. Arnab: Do you feel you should have spoken up on corruption earlier? Rahul: I don't hear discussion on how we are choosing a candidate.
  9. Arnab: How will you justify alliance with Lalu Prasad? Rahul: We're contesting an election. We are making alliance with idea not individual. (Here Rahul found an "idea" in the corrupt RJD. Amazing)
  10. Arnab: What about AAP? Rahul: The real strength of the Congress is the department of the organisation
  11. Arnab: BJP got more seats than AAP… Rahul: I want to revive manufacturing industry.
  12. Arnab: Are you using AAP to stop Modi? Rahul: You're underestimating Congress. Even if it wanted to, Congress couldn't do it.
  13. Arnab: How are you different? Why no change at the top? Rahul: Abracadabra won't change system. I am doing revolutionary work.
  14. Rahul: You haven't asked me one question how to improve India. You are not interested in that. Arnab: I'm interested in Rahul's interview not in his speech.
  15. Arnab: Subramanian Swamy raises questions about your degrees. Rahul: I am being attacked because I am thinking deeply.
  16. Arnab: What about Priyanka … Rahul: I want to help use energy of this country. I want to get away from issues and get deeper into issues.
  17. Rahul: I want to get away from issues and get deeper into issues.
  18. Arnab: Your 'power is poison' comment reinforces image of you as reluctant prince. Rahul: Regardless of what I do I don't like unfairness.
  19. Arnab: Were you angry with Shinde for giving facesaver to Kejriwal. Rahul: We have structure.
  20. Arnab: Were you upset with Shinde? Rahul: You are going back. Arnab: What do you mean. Rahul: It is superficiality. Arnab: Of course not.
  21. Arnab: What do you mean? Rahul: We have to empower women.
  22. Arnab: Will you have a debate with Modi? Rahul: You start the debate. The real issue is doing this stuff.
  23. Rahul: You asked me whole bunch of questions. But you didn't ask me about women. Arnab: But I don't want to hear a Rahul Gandhi speech.
  24. Arnab: But investors don't want to invest in India. You get my point. Rahul: Yes I get your point. Actually RTI has changed the game.
  25. Arnab: Will you be open to debate with Modi. Rahul: We believe in panchayati raj.
  26. Arnab: Most opinion polls are saying Congress will lose this election, score lowest. Rahul: This country will do well if people are involved
  27. Arnab: Modi tells people you have given Congress 60 years, give me 60 months. Rahul: We have given Aadhar cards.

    (These are the tweets, courtesy @KanchanGupta on Twitter)

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