My wife is infertile, should I divorce her to marry someone else?

Answer by Marcia Peterson Buckie:

I am a woman who was unable to conceive a child for 7 years. Even though I intellectually know that my worth as a wife and as a woman isn't tied up in how my eggs work, it still was a blow on a deep and primal level. It felt like I was defective, and I was letting my husband down. Thank God he didn't feel that way, and I know his heart broke when he saw me look at blank pregnancy stick after blank pregnancy stick.

In fact, I'm crying now.

But you know what ? I'm glad. Because we adopted our daughter after 10 years of marriage and she is awesome.

She's not our progeny?

I wish I could say your attitude was surprising, both towards infertility and adoption. But it's not.

So, please don't adopt , anyone who thinks adopting a child is some pathetic thing for desperate barren couples isn't the right candidate anyway.

So, yeah, maybe you should. I'd be interested in type of woman who'd sign up to marry someone who divorced his wife, though. Will you have her eggs and uterus inspected?

I have to give you props for honesty.

If you do divorce your wife, and she'd like some moral support , please consider having her contact me privately on Quora.

This is my husband. This is is our daughter, 10 years ago. Thanks for the reminder for the wonderful silver linings in life.

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