What do people eat for breakfast outside of the US?

Answer by Soheil Hassas Yeganeh:

In Iran, a typical breakfast includes: sweetened black tea, fresh wheat bread (either lavash, barbari, taftoon, and sangak), butter (unsalted) and feta cheese (more salty and less watery than the greek feta) occasionally with walnuts, fresh tomato, cucumber, vegetables, dates, sweets, homemade fruit jam or honey.

Pretty boring, ha? Now let's talk about more exciting stuff on the menu:

The delicious Haleem (slow cooked wheat, with turkey meat, sugar, cinnamon, melted butter, and other spices) YUM!

Tomato Omelette (reduced crushed fresh tomatoes with scrambled egg):

Date Omelette (nice and sweat):

Nargesi (Spinach Omelette):

and many other variations of omelette.

Now that you've read so far, let me share with you the oddest thing Iranians have for breakfast.

Ladies and gents! The dreaded, disgusting Lamb Kalleh-Paacheh (i.e., Head & Pastern):

(We eat everything in that Kalleh including but not limited to its tongue and brain)

Though it's a traditional breakfast item, even some Iranians hate Kalleh-Paacheh. I personally like it and trust me, it tastes good.

And apparently (as discovered in an ancient site last year), it's been a popular feast for more than 4000 years in Persia!

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