What is the latest fad among Indian guys?

Answer by Kae Anupam:

  • All the yaars have now become dudes and mates.
  • Like Americans, Indians too have gotten into misusing/abusing the words 'Really' and 'like'.
  • "I came from gym and I was like really tired. My dad asked me to accompany him to some event, and I was like – Dad really? Huff ! He really pisses me off sometimes, you know. I really gotta get out of here really fast. He is like, he doesn't even get me."
    (and I am like – Fuck You Motherfucker)
  • You can't pronounce 'epitome' but you could tell that the 's' in 'Illinois' is silent.
  • You prefer to help "damsel in distress" over a "girl in trouble"
  • You use 'Whining' and 'Cribbing' interchangeably. Fuckers, pay attention, they aren't the same.
  • You look at people who still listen to Kumar Sanu with disdain
  • Combs have suddenly become obsolete.
  • Greeting each other with 'Hey motherfuckers!'
  • You don't get frightened anymore, you get shit-scared.
  • Wearing Red chinos (really red) with zebra scarf in July.
  • You don't eat tandoori items anymore.
  • You wish your skin was branded by Levis'
  • English is the only language you know. Hindi speakers are branded as bumpkins and yokels.
  • You do whatnot to ooze sophistication.
  • You never have stepped into football shoes, and never have clad out of your favorite football jersey.
  • Your fingers do the talking and Whatsapp is your new found voice.
  • You no more find girls gorgeous and beautiful. The new category is either Hot or frigid.
  • You date girls like her Kae Anupam's answer to Indian Women: What is the latest fad among Indian girls?
  • You swear on Jesus now.
  • There are things that get the Bejesus out of you.
  • You think learning HTML5 is in fact learning it five times. Yet, not for a moment you hesitate to tag yourself a programmer. (Not to mention HTML5 is a markup language)
  • You express surprise with 'Holy shit!' 'Holy motherfucker!'
  • Like a typical American, you begin to explain a situation with what it isn't about and then get to what it is about (and sometimes, you never get to the latter)
  • You wear a massive metal cross around your neck and claim to be an atheist.
  • Worshipping pagan gods is regressive.
  • You befriend people based on whether they prefer Samsung over Apple and vice versa.
  • A whole generation trying to ape the West. All the best.

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