What is the most annoying situation in India?

Answer by Anonymous:

Every darn night, this Man tries to 'unravel the truth' on highly subjective issues in a very objective fashion, because "The Country wants to know".
A dialog I heard in Legend of Bhagat Singh, ' Beheron ko sunane ke liye dhamaake ki zaroorat hoti hai '. He seems to have taken this way too seriously. He keeps on screaming on top of his voice in The Newshour every night,  trying his level best to make sure that his voice is heard by the politicians in the panel.
And then, suddenly if some politician /panelist starts winning the debate against him(yes! he's the debater and not the moderator), he starts waving this magical paper (gifted to him by probably Albus Dumbledore) which contains evidence that even someone like N Srinivasan can't deny!

Edit- Suddenly, I've been noticing a lot of people upvoting this answer in the recent past. And I feel that that's because he's started picking on a certain political party. So, here I would like to clarify. I don't have a problem with Arnab exposing politicians, and their double speak. Infact I totally love that. The only problem I have is the way he conducts the debate. He's so loud, that someday "Aunty police bula legi".

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