How can I keep myself focused while working online?

Answer by Balaji Viswanathan:

Attention spans are getting increasingly hard to attain. Some stuff to improve focus.

  1. Cut out real time notifications. Do you really need to read the emails rightaway? How about SMS? 99.99% of the notifications are unnecessary.
  2. Get your inbox to zero. I take a lot of pleasure in getting my email inbox to zero everyday. Be brutal with your email. There are only 3 destinations for an email – trash, archive and task list. The more things on your inbox, more distracted you become.

  3. Keep only handful of tabs & windows open. Do you really need to have 35 tabs open? Every 30 minutes clean the clutter and close all tabs other than the 2-3 you are really working on. You can always go back to your history and reopen the past tabs.
  4. Clear your desktop (real and virtual). Clutter begets clutter.
  5. Take the pomodoro break. Every 30 minutes, take a 5 minute walk. Relax your eyes, mind, back, legs in that 5 minutes. Then get back to work.

Productive kids know that we are on Facebook  or Twitter providing these tips ;-).

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