What are some things that make Indians sad?

Answer by Ajay Singh Rathore:

1) To not to see this man playing for India

2) When people are not heard in their own country, when force of the state rapes, murders, kills and torments innocent. What option do  they have? Guns?

3) When you abase the 163 year old service by sending the last souvenir telegram to Rahul Gandhi.

He is not PM.
He is not cabinet minister.
He has not been a minister yet.
He is just son and grandson of ex-PMs.

4) Don't spoil it anymore:-

5) Raghu Rajeev and Roadies.

The problem starts when people start respecting them. "Gaalis" is the thing that most of Indians frivolously sprinkle here and there. But being hypocrite about it and  proclaiming yourself as savior of women rights makes the picture dirty.

6) Vote bank based politics:-

7) Hypocrisy about Racism:

And we think they are okay with the word "Chinki".

Physics who arrived here from Mizoram in 2004. “It can be quite shocking when everyone in the classroom looks at you strangely when you walk in and as you sit down you hear someone say ‘chinki’. Maybe my kids won’t have to face that.

1) Looking at the ban on 'chinki'
2) If private sector doesn’t take job quota seriously, there will be consequences: Govt – The Times of India

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