What is the most romantic thing you have ever done?

Answer by Anonymous:

I wrote to my girlfriend's father asking his permission to get engaged to his daughter. However, it was done rather differently. Before I get down to the details, here's a bit of background.

I made it to one of the B-schools of my choice this year, and the moment I set foot in it, my life became my CV. So I thought it was only just if I were to use a CV in convincing my girlfriend's father to allow me to get engaged to her. Right after my summer placements, I took out my CV, edited it through the night to make it more suitable for the occasion and mailed it to him the next morning. What's more, I wrote a lengthy cover letter to go with it. Here's the cover letter.

Dear Sir

As you're aware, I have been employed in an unofficial capacity with **** and Co. as Boyfriend – the Department of (girlfriend's name), since the *** of December, 2010. During these 3 years, I have gained a thorough understanding of the organisation, and the role assigned to me in particular. I have undergone rigorous training in varied fields like Shopping; Mood Swings; preferred TV series, movies and music; Organisational Structure and Behaviour; What I May and May Not Wear; and How my Facial Hair must be arranged, to name a few.

Working in this department has been, and continues to be, an immensely pleasurable experience. I believe that the adulation and awards I have received over the years suggest that the department has had a similar experience. I strongly believe that with my enhanced theoretical and practical knowledge, I am now ready for a promotion. I hereby request you to consider my candidature for the position of Fiance – (girlfriend's name). The department has already made an unofficial offer in that direction. I hope you will give the matter due consideration and accept my application. Kindly find my CV attached with this mail.

I promise to continue performing to the best of my ability and meet the expectations the organisation has come to have of me. I am confident that with your support and guidance, I shall continue to deliver good performance day after day, month after month, year after year.

Yours sincerely,

What I did not really expect was this:

"Dear Sri ***

**** & Co is in receipt of your application sent vide email dated 1/11/2013. The matter is under active consideration and will be communicated to you shortly after due processes and approval from appropriate authority.

In the meanwhile you are advised to continue to gather more experience and discharge your duties to the best of your ability. This may be treated as an in principle approval of your application till further orders.  It is also understood the Directors of the company (i.e. my girlfriend, her mother and sister) are inclined to give one more promotion at the earliest. The 51% shareholder and the MD of the company (i.e. her mother) is too keen on this.  However, the youngest Director of the Company (i.e. her sister) has some reservations regarding the consequential change in status of *** (i.e. my girlfriend) after your next promotion. 

Yours sincerely
PS: Advisory note of Chairman:  It is critically important for you to get more acquainted with the issues of mood swings, shopping, TV serials etc. of all the female directors of the company.  You may also focus more on your skills as a singer.  By this you could influence all the decisions of the MD in your favour."

Sending that sort of an e-mail to my girlfriend's father required some serious balls. It also happens to be one of the bravest things I have done.

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