What are the biggest misconceptions that Indians have about India?

Answer by Maitreyi Gunye:

Oh boy, a ton!

  1. If a girl wears a short skirt, shorts or a tank top, she's promiscuous.
  2. If you own a DSLR you must have a Facebook photography page.
  3. Racist? Pffft. No, we're never racist against fellow Indians.
  4. Nobody else in the world has as many family values as we do.
  5. If you buy anything on the internet, somebody is going to steal your credit card number.
  6. You got 75%+ in some exam? Wow! Beta, tu engineer bana. (Translation : son, you're now going to be an engineer!)
  7. Went to the science stream and did a B.Sc. Or BioTech or went to any other pure science field, as opposed to Engineering/Medical? You either got  less marks in your twelfth boards, or you're just plain stupid.
  8. Went to the Commerce stream and did something besides becoming a C.A./something in law? You either got less marks in your twelfth boards, or you're just plain stupid.
  9. Went to arts? Irrespective of any inclination you have towards the humanities or how well you've developed intellectually there, you're plain stupid.
  10. The only way to become rich is to get a Degree in Mech.Eng/Elec.Eng./any other type of engineering, and end up in IT. Or even better, do an M.B.A. after all that, and THEN end up in IT.
  11. Anybody can get into the IIT's and crack the JEE by studying from 8th grade (or any other early age).
  12. "It's okay if I throw away my trash on the road. I'm not contributing to pollution that much, anyway."
  13. "It's okay if I don't vote. One vote won't matter in the scheme of things.
  14. If I bribe the police to let me off a ticket to save a couple hundred rupees, it's okay. It's also okay if I keep saying that the system is corrupt, since I'm obviously not.
  15. The bad infrastructure is the government's fault.
  16. The percentage of destitution and poverty is the government's fault.
  17. Hell, everything is the government's fault.
  18. If a girl is 24, she needs to get married. If a guy is 29, he needs to get married.
  19. If you see a girl wearing any form of casual traditional clothes, she's probably the most down-to-earth and angelic; if you see a girl wearing ripped jeans or band T-shirts, she's out-of-control. Ditto for guys.
  20. Marrying somebody out of your state/religion/caste? It's going to end up in divorce, or you're going to be sad for the rest of your life.
  21. An advertisement with people wearing lab coats means that the product is out of its league and extremely promising.
  22. Memorizing textbooks is the only way to go, academically. He who memorizes the most in the shortest period of time, conquers all.

[Edit (seeing some of the comments) : Warning – This answer contains sarcasm. I don't actually believe the things I've typed, quite the contrary on most points; I wanted to point out how they don't make sense.]

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