What is the biggest irony of India?

Answer by Hemanth Kumar:


Despite the hues and cries over Indians racially abused abroad, we tend to forget the fact that we are one among the most racist people in the world.

A survey shows India and Jordan by far the least racially tolerant countries. In only two  of 81 surveyed countries, more than 40 percent of respondents said they  would not want a neighbor of a different race. This included 43.5  percent of Indians and 51.4 percent of Jordanian.

In that map, red implies  that more people said they “would not want neighbors of a different  race”.


  • We look at the world first through the skin color, then  caste, then geographical  coordinates, and so on..
  • We dismiss Africans as habshis; we contemptuously categorize South Indians as madrasis. Mock people from Andra Pradesh as Gultis. South Indians were derisively referred to as "yandugundu walas" and "lunghi walas".
  • The kind of racism faced by Northeast Indians are exponentially higher than the South Indians. we call them ‘chinkies’ but often do our best not to mix with them. We prefer them to live apart, keeping their own company almost living their own lives, separate and away from us. For most of us, the Northeast is another country only accidentally and peripherally Indian
  • There's a special Wikipedia page dedicated to discrimination against the people of Bihar -> Anti-Bihari sentiment.
  • We reject Brides/Grooms based on their complexion. Lighter your skin color, higher your chances of marrying to a guy/girl of your dreams.
  • Nandita Das, who has starred in over 30 movies, has been repeatedly  asked to alter her dark skin. "When I am on a film set     playing an educated upper-middle-class character, the crew will tell  me, 'I know you don't like to wear makeup to lighten your skin, but  this is an     educated girl you are playing, so it would be appropriate for you to  look fair,' But what does that say about me?" Das asks. "I'm educated  and I'm dark."     It is as if filmmakers cannot wrap their heads around the  possibility that dark skin can be associated with success, even when it  is embodied for them in     the very person with whom they are speaking.
  • Fairness creams! "Now, with India's economy soaring, more and more men from smaller cities  and towns want to have their skin lightened and attract fairer-skinned  brides, who often come with larger dowries in this largely dark-skinned  country of 1.1 billion. Experts say the trend is a startling sign of  so-called aspirational products in India's growing markets." – Excerpt from the Washington Post article In India, Fairness Is a Growth Industry
  • Indians  are tolerant when they live in other countries.  In India, they don't even tolerate each other if they are from a different caste.
  • We make these atrocious advertisements


  • A must read article. 'India Is Racist, And Happy About It' – A Black American's first-hand experience of footpath India: no one even wants to change            
  • Prime minister Manmohan Singh "Dalits have faced a unique discrimination in our society that is  fundamentally different from the problems of minority groups in general.  The only parallel to the practice of untouchability was apartheid." – Indian leader likens caste system to apartheid regime


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