What are some of the most badass photos ever taken?

Answer by Gaurav Raj:

Oh Boy!, I've a huge collection of such photos.
 Below you shall find a collection of some of the most bad-ass photos ever taken. (Most of these photos were in black and white, yet the  color artists have added color to these images to bring these historic photos alive. Thanks to the front page of the internet i.e. reddit)

  • Vintage Acrobatic insanity

In this heart-stopping photograph we see three brave acrobats performing on a ledge located on the 86th floor of the Empire State Building in New York City.

August 21, 1934.
Jarley Smith (top), Jewell Waddeck (left), Jimmy Kerrigan (right)

Source : Photograph via Mapes on Reddit

  • Hanging out on the Brooklyn Bridge, 1914

In the amazing photograph below, we see a group of painters suspended on cables of the the Brooklyn Bridge. The photo was taken on October 7, 1914 by Eugene de Salignac.

Source : Photograph by Eugene de Salignac/Courtesy NYC Municipal Archives

  • The 126 billion dollar photograph

In this epic group photo taken on June 26, 2012 by Michael Prince for Forbes Magazine, we see twelve well known philanthropists with a total net worth of $126 billion. This photograph, which graces the cover of the 30th anniversary issue of the Forbes 400, crowned an incredible event. In June, 161 billionaires and near-billionaires came together in New York at the Forbes 400 Summit on Philanthropy, a chance for the most successful people on the planet to use their resources and the mind-set that built that success to try to solve the world’s most intractable problems.

From left to right we have: Warren Buffett (who has pledged 99% of his net worth to charity), Oprah Winfrey, Bill & Melinda Gates (who have given away an estimated $28 billion so far), Peter Peterson, Leon Black, Jon Bon Jovi (who Forbes ranked the most charitable celebrity last year), Marc Beinoff (pledged $100 million toward a new Children’s Hospital), David Rubenstein, Steve Case, and Marc & Laura Andreessen (who has pledged to give away more than half of his VC earnings).
Source: Photograph by Michael Prince for Forbes

  • Hanging out high above the Hoover Dam

Nearly 80 years ago, the Hoover Dam was built in Black Canyon on the Colorado River. A striking testimony to the perseverance of the human spirit and the ingenuity of the American laborer.

Source: Photograph via The American Welding Society (AWS)

  • Japanese Archers circa 1860

Source: Colorized by Jordan J. Lloyd (photojacker on Reddit) | Photo Chopshop on Facebook

  • Big Jay McNeely driving the crowd at the Olympic Auditorium into a frenzy, Los Angeles, 1953

Source: Original Photograph by Bob Willoughby

  • Joseph Goebbels scowling at photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt after finding out he’s Jewish, 1933

Source: Original Photograph by Time & Life Pictures

  • W.H. Murphy and his associate demonstrating their bulletproof vest on October 13, 1923

Source: Original Photograph by National Photo Company

  • Young boy in Baltimore slum area, July 1938

Source: Original Photograph by John Vachon

  • Group Shot of Criminals, 1921

This negative was found wrapped in a paper sleeve on which is written: ‘Group of criminals, Central 1921′. The subjects are not named.

Source: Photograph via The Historic Houses Trust

  • Masked detectives and civilians, 1933

This photograph was published in Sydney newspapers in 1933, apparently at the behest of the then Commissioner of Police to demonstrate to a sceptical press and public that police could in fact operate undercover.

This was apparently in answer to a suggestion that so distinctive was the build of the average detective, effective undercover work was out of the question. The men seen here are a mix of detectives and civilians. The figure third from the right is believed to be Sergeant Frank Fahy, aka “The Shadow”, the force’s most effective undercover operative at the time.
Source: Photograph via The Historic Houses Trust

Edit: More to be added

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