Why is it difficult to date an Indian girl in general?

Answer by Abhinay Korukonda:

How dating works in Western culture

1) You approach a girl
2) Ask her out. If she says yes, you go out with her. If she says no, you don't or you try again or you go for another girl.
3) If she says yes you go on a date and have fun
4) A few more dates and you call it a relationship and after you get into a relationship and then have fun blah blah…

Indian dating

1) Approach a girl
2) Basically there is no term called "Ask out" in India. If you go to a girl in your class or office and ask her for a cup of coffee, she'll give you an angry look or punch you in the face.
3) Since there is no term called "asking out", you become friends with her, because that's the only way you will get to know her
4) Let me introduce the term "Proposing"
What proposing means in other countries: Permission to marry
What it means in India: Permission to be in a relationship with her by saying "I Love you".
So you take your time and you propose (Indian way), there are chances that you get friendzoned mostly, but if you are lucky she'll get into a relationship with you. If you get friendzoned you'll probably feel really bad that you wasted your time as you didn't know that the girl you liked didn't like you back in the same way.

So unlike in Western culture, you have to probably do a lot of hard work to date an Indian girl in India…

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