What happens in your mind when you meet your crush?

Answer by Anonymous:

  1. Don't say anything stupid.
  2. Smile a little.
  3. Not that much, she's gonna think you are weird.
  4. Now you are not smiling at all.
  5. Act cool. Whoa, she's looking gorgeous.
  6. Okay you are now staring at her.
  7. Dammit she noticed you are looking.
  8. Avert your eyes.
  9. Don't. That's impolite.
  10. Just try to be "sexy", give a little nod and look away.
  11. Notice your posture. Posture's important.
  12. What is it with your arms, do they always hang like that? Cross them, no. Hands in your pocket, nah. Arch on it, NO! What do I do with my arms? Figure out the arms dilemma.
  13. She asked you something. But what did she say, dammit pay attention!
  14. Answer her.
  15. Don't talk in single syllables, that's just rude.
  16. Shit, she's disinterested now, no wonder.
  17. Look down, mourn.
  18. Replay that conversation in your head.
  19. Imagine every other scenario.
  20. Imagine you said something funny. You are a funny little fella!
  21. Imagine you were charming, confident, polite, likable and charismatic. Basically everything you are not.
  22. They all turn out to have decent outcome it seems, save that for the next time. Ctrl + S, saved in memory.
  23. Okay, now out of the wonderland.
  24. Remember when you were looking down and imagining fake and made-up interactions with her. Well all the while her leg was in your line of sight and remember you were being funny, so you were smiling all the while too! She most probably picked up on it. Good job, now you are a certified creep too.
  25. You probably haven't said anything in a while.
  26. Contribute something to the conversation.
  27. "Yeah the political scenario in our country is abysmal. It's like we are sheep and we are given to elect between wolves and lions as the king of the jungle. Either way we are gonna get….." Wait a second, why are they all making googly eyes at you? They were talking about Raajneeti, the movie. D'oh!
  28. Yeah, everyone's laughing now! Laugh a little, not so little that she thinks you have no sense of humor, not so hard that she thinks you are a try-hard.
  29. She has to go now.
  30. Raise your arms and waive. Wait, no one else is waving. She's gone now. Well that went well. Progress! Until next time.

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