How can I transform my innocent wife into a sexy babe?

Answer by Ayushi Mona:

I will answer this without judgement.

1. Your wife agrees to this.
2. You love both avatars equally without having any psychological good girl versus bad girl hangups .

Step 1: Let her make friends and socialize with other women in your circle. Most women are not innocent anyway. If her  "innocence" is a result of social conditioning where she thinks that "sexy" girls are bad girls, then having the right circle of trusty, confident friends will open her.

Step 2: Do adventurous things with her. Go for a wine tasting with her. Or a weekend getaway. Or paragliding. Help her to broaden her experiences. The more exposure she gets, the greater her confidence will be. Confidence is sexy.

Step 3: Gift her romance novels. Spa treatments. Sensuous things will open up her senses.

Step 4: NEVER ever hint that you would like her to change. The day you say , why can't you be like this and why can't you be like that is the day she'll channelize rejection into her mind subconsciously.

Step 5: Every woman has a latent, sexy side. Spend time to figure what she likes. It's not rocket science. A sexually satisfied partner finds it easier to accept the partner's whims

LASTLY, step 6: Get into shape yourself. Do not be a pot bellied Indian husband who wants an impish, sex kitten for a wife. Discover yourself and discover her.
Confidence and romance will help her turn into that sexy babe you asked for.
All the best!

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