What are some best memes about women?

Answer by Ikshita Khanna:

Yes, it's coming from a woman herself, had to swallow all my pride writing this but at the end of the day this is what the truth is xD

#1 Either Way
Either you look at it… Women always reach the same conclusion.

#2 Stating The Obvious
Never, ever, ever agree with a woman …. when she is putting herself down. In fact, that is the one time they don't want you to agree.

#3 Can A Woman Really Have A Male Friend
If a woman's says "he's like a brother to me" you may want to check up on that. Or maybe she thinks sleeping with her brother is okay.

#4 Her Salary Vs. His Salary
A committed or married couple always seem to share the man's salary, while everything she makes is hers. Now who said men are smarter than women?

#5 You Should Know What She Wants
Just because she doesn't know what she wants, you should. If she doesn't get what she doesn't know she wants, she will throw a fit. Get it?

#6 Don't Ignore Me, I'm Ignoring You
Nothing is worse than ignoring your guy and he doesn't notice, except if he ignores you back. Then you have to stop ignoring him to tell him that you are ignoring him. It's exhausting.

#7 Looks Versus Comfort
Most men complain about all the pillows on the couch because there is no room to sit. To a woman,appearance is more important than comfort. Just look at their shoes.

#8 Outside Girl Vs. Inside Girl
Women have learned how to present themselves in public. When you are home with them, it's an entirely different story.

#9 How Does She Know Men Are All The Same
She must have tried all men to make a statement like that. However, in reality, "men are all the same" is kind of redundant. They are the same in that they are men

#10 Why Women Hate Each Other
It could be true that women are the only ones who understand women and that's why they hate each other. Or they don't understand each other either and that's why they hate each other. One thing we do know. They hate each other.

#11 Always Want What They Can't Get
The grass is always greener when it comes to women. Those with curly hair spend hours and tons of money straightening it, while those with straight hair do the same to get it curly.

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