What is the one key reason you will vote for Narendra Modi in the upcoming elections?

Answer by Ayush Agarwal:

I was a supporter of Arvind Kejriwal before the delhi elections.But after the elections I've started disliking him.Few reasons are
1.Arvind kejriwal is giving freebies.This will damage the economic system.The subsidy provided may have been used for various schemes and works.This hero kind of an act may give him popularity but it is not going to help in building the nation.Instead of giving subsidies he should have focussed on making people able to pay the taxes or bills.
2.The economic model of Arvind Kejriwal closely resembles to that of the congress party.Has the "Food security bill" helped the nation? the ans is NO.
It was only intended to earn popularity that may help them in the elections.
3.AAP is planning to give 90% reservation in the colleges of delhi.Now can anyone defend AAP on this.thi will also help them to gain votes in delhi.But Sir this is what you have planned for the nation.This will prevent many students from being admitted to the top colleges of this nation.
If Arvind sir planned this for the nation then I am sorry that he is no good than The Congress.

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