What is the one key reason you will vote for Narendra Modi in the upcoming elections?

Answer by Akshar Prabhu Desai:

He is the best PM candidate India had in last several decades.

2014 elections is essentially about how to bring Indian economy back on track with 9% growth. The kind of mismanagement that Dr. Evil Singh, Antonia Maino and her leftiest friends in NAC have subjected the Indian economy to has pushed India back by few years compared to say China.

If anyone claims contrary then that person is misinformed.

All other issues such as welfare vs growth, corruption , national security etc. come as prerequisites to that 9% growth. But none of these issues ensure 9% growth. For example Communists were in power in Bengal for many years, no one really questions their financial honesty. But they totally ruined the state. So corrption free does not neccessarily mean good.

Narendra Modi shows tremendous promise when it comes to economic growth. He has changed political discourse from secularism, welfare, tokenism to a more metrics oriented and development oriented discourse. When it comes to Modi his opponents are forced to look at malnourishment, state of road, rural electrification etc. to criticize him instead of looking at his caste or the car he drives.

Have you ever heard a debate or analysis of rural electrification in Maharashtra or Malnourishment in Andhra Pradesh ?

Narendra Modi if he becomes a PM is likely to be more business friendly than Congress or Arvind Kejriwal (leftist). His vast administrative experience and decisiveness will certainly drive the economy on an upward curve.

Why Arvind Kejriwal is a bad news.

AAP is leftist party supported by yuppies. Arvind Kejriwals core team consists of prominent radical left individuals such as Gopal Rai. They have already articulated their socialist policies for Delhi which are likely to have adverse effects down the line. If they paritcipate in general elections it will lead to a fractured mandate thus helping Congress party.

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