What is the one key reason you will vote for Narendra Modi in the upcoming elections?

Answer by Shantanu Prakash:

He's the best option we've got in the current political scenario. He's done it before (in Gujarat) and he can do it again in the bigger stage. His progressive economic policies in gujarat have been praiseworthy.


Im 20. and i came of age in the congress regime. And I didn't see any communal riot of that big magnitude. Thankfully. I'm skeptic of the BJP in that front. I sincerely hope they dont impose their hindu agenda onto the society as diverse as ours. (Passing community targeted bills etc.)
I want them to loose a bit of their conservatism. we're a growing modern society. I dont want to see couples being chased on valentines day. (mind u, i'm not saying modern is western. modern is free and aware of own rights.)
And then again i hope BJP have people to lead individually in the Human development and Rural and Finance sectors of the government. India has been building it's human capital since ever.

AAP have been promising as well! But it is led by a man who has been an activist for 15 years. he has to learn and adapt. their virtue is honesty and incorruptibility, that i'd vote for! But on a national scale you have to think on formulating and implementing long term policies which will be better for the country. and giving electricity at lower prices isn't that. it may work for delhi, but it wouldnt for India.

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