What is the one key reason you will vote for Narendra Modi in the upcoming elections?

Answer by Akshay Agarwal:

AAP is a fledgling party. It has to learn a lot not only about the functioning of the government but also about how to survive in politics. The way AAP responded to the attacks by BJP and Congress on the first day of Vidhan Sabha would not impress many people. Never even once in his speech after the debate did Kejriwal answer the questions that were posted by Dr. Harshwardhan and Mr. Lovely. Right from the first day of its formation, AAP has been vocal about its stand against corruption. But there are a lot of other things apart from corruption. The party's stand on various national issues like foreign policy, economic policy etc. has not been very clear among the voters. One needs to have experience to develop flawless views on such matters. Its not that i have anything against AAP. But somewhere i do feel that staying in the opposition for 5 years will definitely help AAP develop as a more matured party and contribute to the nation in a much better way.

Coming on to why I would vote for Modi, I would say that I have seen what he has done in Gujarat and whatever he does for India it would be much better than what UPA did.

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