What are the best memes on Indian guys?

Answer by Anonymous:

I don't understand Quora. Apparently, it is supposed to be full of "intellectuals". But when I saw the answers to What are the best memes on Indian girls? I was so disappointed in Indian guys.

Most of them were about guys whining about how life is so unfair to them.

I had to create these memes to show that life is not exactly how they choose to look at it.
(sorry for the same image again and again, I'm new at this!)

1. And this is by "educated" guys too

2. The all-too common hypocrite

3. Happens in a group of guys – rating women "hot or not"

4. The friendzone conundrum

5. Because only guys can love their parents!

6. "Respect your mother, mofo!"

7. Because drinking automatically makes women "sluts".

8. "The rapists are bastards man!!  ….check out the ass on that girl!"

And some special ones dedicated to IIT guys since there seem to be so many here

9. "Because I'm from IIT…duuuude.."

10. If you don't look like Brad Pitt, don't expect to land Angelina Jolie.

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