What are the coolest photos of international borders?

Answer by Ugam Kamat:

To design road travel between Hong Kong and China was a nightmare for many Engineers and Architects. As we all know it, China is a Left Hand Drive Country and Hong Kong is Right Hand Drive. NL Architects designed it in such a way so as to prevent chaos and facilitate smooth road travel. This is nothing short of an engineering marvel.

NL Architects have designed a conceptual bridge for the Hong Kong border, featuring roads that would loop over each other to allow for the fact that traffic must drive on the left in Hong Kong but on the right in China.

Called Pearl River Necklace, the design would link artificial islands to form a bridge between Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macau.

NL Architects pitched this project for the Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities International Design Ideas Competition.

So, this is what the Connection looks like.

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