What is the most passionate/romantic line you have ever heard or read?

Answer by Gagan Gupta:

Some of them have already been covered. So

"There is no dearth of women you would want to sleep with, but there would be only one woman with whom you would want to wake up."


a dialogue from Veer-Zaara.

Backdrop: An Indian, Veer, is falsely jailed in a Pakistan jail  from 22 years. Court has agreed to listen to him but only one woman, his Love, knows the truth. But if she testifies, it would stain her and family's name. Her marital life would be destroyed. So, his Lawyer is trying to persuade but he is choosing silence.

The fact that he is willing to spend an entire Life in some foreign land's jail just to protect the honour and happiness of his Love is romantic.


Saamiya (Lawyer): Let Zaara testify. Just only once and we will win the case.
Veer: Never.
Saumya: Why don't you try to understand, we are losing this case? Court has no time for prisoners like you. Many prisoners are given chance after their death. You will die here.
Veer (reflecting): Zaara must be a mother of two now. She would have 21-year old daughter and 19-year old son. She would have passed through every good and bad phase of her Life. She must be living in peace and,

Tomorrow, if you drag her to court and ask who is Veer Pratap Singh? Questions will be raised. What is their relation and no one will be able to understand the answer. In one instant, her husband will give her divorce and her Life will be destroyed. She must be living with peace. For the last 22 years, I have been protecting her honour. How can I trample it now and go home?

I wouldn't be able to do it. I wouldn't.

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