Is this the best selfie ever to be taken?

Answer by Mihir Soni:

Thanks for A2A.

This is the most beautiful selfie i have ever seen.

40 Weeks and a Mirror by Sophie Starzenski

The miracle of pregnancy is so wonderful that women willingly go through morning sickness, back aches, and a pain that men can not even fathom to bring a new life into the world.

Argentinian photographer Sophie Starzenski documented her beautiful progression in a simple set of ten photographs. With her Canon blocking her face, she captured a monthly shot of her body’s transformation in a mirror. The selfie snapshots show her growing bump, with a special surprise reveal at the end. She calls this series “Proyecto Pyokko” (Pyokko is a nickname for her  new bundle of joy).

And finally!

Source :- Pictures of the week: 40 Weeks And A mirror, by Sophie Starzenski

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