What are the wittiest lines you have ever heard in any Bollywood movie?

Answer by Vineel Pratap:

Faijal: Picture chalein? Karan Arjun. Chal na Shahrukh-Salman dono hain.
(Shall we go to watch a movie? Let's watch Karan Arjun. It is starring both Shahrukh and Salman Khan.)

Mohasina: Haath Pakdoge tum?
(Will you hold my hand during the movie?)

Faijal: Maa kasam nahi pakdunga.
(I Swear on my mother I will not hold your hand.)

Mohasina: Godi mein popcorn girega, to dhoondoge nahi andhere mein?
(If popcorn falls in my lap, will you feel around for it?)

Faijal: Maa kasam nahi dhoondenge.
(Swear on mother, I won't)

Mohasina: Sat ke baithoge?
(Will you sit very close to me?)

Faijal: Maa kasam nahi satunga.
(Swear on mother, I won't.)

Mohasina: Toh apni Amma ka saath jao na, hamara kya jaroorat hai.
(Then go with your mother to watch the movie. Why do you need me to come with you?)

Source: Arjun 23rd June 2013 Written Episode Review

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